Write, design and distribute bi-annual newsletters to shareholders. Newsletter must contain recent news and upgrades, important member notices, positive motivational content and encouragement to re-enforce member commitment and loyalty.


VRS has thousands of members across the span of their portfolio and engaging with them, as well as keeping them updated, is an integral part of our ongoing marketing strategy to build brand loyalty. Ther creation of bi-annual newsletters was brought about from an inherent need to keep members engaged, updated and interested throughout the year. These newsletters serve not only as a scheduled communication to relay important information to members but also as an opportunity to share lighthearted snippets and news to keep members invested in their product.


These newsletters have been going out to members continually, every six months, for years helping to establish the client's authenticity and stability, even in the current economy. Sharing pertinent information in a positive tone and setting, combined with light-hearted and fun inserts has become a sought after publication with members, resulting in positive feedback and response.

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