Create and update venue specific promotional materials that fit within the Le Fera brand while reflecting the specific venue's offering and theme.


"Le Fera is a restaurant chain that has franchise locations at a few holiday destinations across South Africa. The restaurant values family-friendly experiences and offers for quality time spent together in a vibrant space. Our first project involved establishing individual themes for each chain's menus, while still slotting in cohesively with the main image of the brand. Additional, and ongoing, initiatives include the creation of marketing materials to support specific ocassions for promotion onsite and digitally. One particular challenge our design team faced was creating valuable designs that took each restaurant's printing capabilities into consideration to deliver quality finished items that were optimised for their onsite resources. "


Quality representation of each Le Fera Restaurant's personality was achieved through creative design that translates to an easygoing dining experience for customers. Special ocassion menus and promotions continue to drive brand presence for Le Fera.

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