Increase bookings and revenue through paid promotions of the brand within the digital sphere for further presence and conversions.


Part of our ongoing marketing efforts for Kagga Kamma involve paid promotions through META and Google Advertising. Our marketing role entails idenfitying the relevant niche markets, conducting A/B testing and maximising on digital presense to further drive brand awareness and stimulate revenue. One of our main challenges is to serve our ads to the right audiences and package the offering in the best way possible to meet that audiences' needs.


"Through dedicated research and ongoing assessment, paid promotions for Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve have stimulated an interest in the brand and resulted in year-on-year revenue growth for our client. The paid promotions are part of a holistic approach to our all-encompassing marketing role for Kagga Kamma. Since bringing them on as a client in 2013, Kagga Kamma has continued to show positive growth with revenue increasing year-on-year, the brand featuring in Getaway, Followme2Africa and SA Tourism (amongst others), and being recognised in multiple online publications as one of South Africa's most unique destinations. "

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