As part of our ongoing corporate responsibility portfolio, Wild Side Creative lends marketing and design services to African Blessings within the framework of select campaigns.


Campaigns are specifically targeted to selected companies. These companies have supported AB over a couple of years, so they know AB and its communities. Campaigns are also featured on facebook although this is only a secondary campaign roll out.One of the big challenges was to generate buy-in and excitement within targeted companies. Creating competition between companies and key roleplayers was essential for the success of these campaigns.


Over the years Wild Side Creative has maintained the network and connections of African Blessings with great success. Organising and marketing events have resulted in great turn outs with generous donations for their efforts. Driving support through fundraisers such as Season for Seniors, an initiative aimed at providing Christmas gifts to old age homes in the surrounding area, have seen immense support and provided African Blessings with the opportunity to include more homes in their future Christmas gifting initiatives.

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