Redesign the website to portray the true nature of the Lodge, telling the story of Kagga Kamma through an immersive, seamless design. The website had to be informative, mobile-friendly and Search Engine Optimised.


Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve is a very unique venue, that melds the natural surroundings with four-star accommodation that celebrates the region and its history. The unique selling point of the brand is that it is a matchless experience and offers niche markets a romantic retreat within South Africa. This positioning was key to us determining the best digital representation for Kagga Kamma. Just as the accommodation was fashioned to complement the surrounds, we wanted to create the same air of simplicity and space throughout the website. Story-telling through visuals was of paramount importance to the design, so the focal point became the imagery and the rest of the website was kept neutral and clean, so as not to detract from the showcase. Another very important consideration was that of the user experience. Our aim was to ensure that the user would find the site easy to navigate with a quick refresh rate, so they could thoroughly enjoy the experience of exploring the site.


The resultant website offers a fresh storytelling perspective from the moment users land, showcasing a combination of visuals and content that speak to the Kagga Kamma experience. Fewer queries are received regarding general information about the location due to the scope of information available online, with great user feedback. The specials promotions on the site are also proving more successful. The website is part of a holistic approach to our all-encompassing marketing role for Kagga Kamma. Since bringing them on as a client in 2013, Kagga Kamma has continued to show positive growth with revenue increasing year-on-year, the brand featuring in Getaway, Followme2Africa and SA Tourism (amongst others), and being recognised in multiple online publications as one of South Africa's most unique destinations.

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